Twisted Apple Cutter

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Twisted Apple Cutter is big enough to handle any apple and includes a convenient base to ensure the apple cuts all the way through safely and cleanly. A curved handle design with soft touch grips add extra handle strength and ensures the slicer is comfortable to use. Quickly and easily make picture-perfect apple slices for a snack, fruit and cheese plate, or apple pie!

The easy-to-use Apple Cutter creates flawlessly cut apple slices in one swift and easy motion and also serves as an apple corer. The easy-to-grasp handles offer a comfortable and steady grip, while the handy base offers a safe way to store the kitchen utensil when not in use—making this the best apple slicer around. Enjoy perfect slices, every time – complements of this useful kitchen gadget. 

To use, simply center your apple on the slicer base and use steady pressure to push the slicer through the entire piece of fruit. The base ensures that your apple slices all the way through every time. It’s hard to eat an apple cleanly while sitting at your desk and who has time to cut apples into slices in the morning before work? Not to mention they turn brown by the time you can eat them. You need an apple cutter that takes the time and energy out of cutting apples, and one that can be taken to work, unlike a knife.

You’ll be all set to eat your apple a day to keep the doctor away!