The Posture Corrector

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There is such a thing as "bad" posture, and slouching or bending your spine in strange ways all the time can hurt you physically and psychologically, says Dave Smith, a postural alignment specialist and consultant for the San Francisco 49ers, many NCAA players, and the U.S. Women's Tennis Association.

What is posture?

Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Good posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity. Without posture and the muscles that control it, we would simply fall to the ground.

Why is good posture important?

Good posture helps us stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions that place the least strain on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement and weight-bearing activities. Correct posture: 

  • Helps us keep bones and joints in correct alignment so that our muscles are used correctly, decreasing the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in degenerative arthritis and joint pain.
  • Reduces the stress on the ligaments holding the spinal joints together, minimizing the likelihood of injury.
  • Allows muscles to work more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy and, therefore, preventing muscle fatigue.
  • Helps prevent muscle strain, overuse disorders, and even back and muscular pain.

Consequences of poor posture

Poor posture can lead to excessive strain on our postural muscles and may even cause them to relax, when held in certain positions for long periods of time. For example, you can typically see this in people who bend forward at the waist for a prolonged time in the workplace. Their postural muscles are more prone to injury and back pain.

Several factors contribute to poor posture--most commonly, stress, obesity, pregnancy, weak postural muscles, abnormally tight muscles, and high-heeled shoes.  In addition, decreased flexibility, a poor work environment, incorrect working posture, and unhealthy sitting and standing habits can also contribute to poor body positioning.

Bad posture can make your muscles imbalanced, weak, or too tight which can lead to pain, degenerative joints and discs, injuries, and even osteoarthritis.

Can I correct my posture?

In a word, yes. Remember, however, that long-standing postural problems will typically take longer to address than short-lived ones, as often the joints have adapted to your long-standing poor posture. Conscious awareness of your own posture and knowing what posture is correct will help you consciously correct yourself.

Improving your posture can help you ease back and neck pain and prevent further health problems.

A  posture corrector is a simple device that keeps your back in a proper position., developed by Dr. Leuini, an Italian Orthopedic Specialist in the 1970s. It is a device made of elastic medical material that helps your back but at the same time does not damages your skin.




  • Helps to build muscle memory of a healthy posture
  • Reduces neck and back pain
  • Increases focus and lowers stress levels
  • Boost energy and mood
  • Decreases the risk of injuries
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents kyphosis, skoliosis and other painful back problems
  • Body reshape - alignes your spine 
  • Strong support for your back and waist
  • Prevents hunchback
  • Helps recover from injury (back, shoulders & arm compression)
  • Building a better posture
  • Corrects sitting posture
  • High quality breathable neoprene material
  • Easily adjustable



😀 You need only 30 seconds, or even less to put it on 😀

Using The Posture Corrector is very simple and easy. You just put it on and adjust the stripes. The posture corrector automatically adjusts to your back.

Made of quality, breathable materials. You can wear it under your clothes, without any discomfort. 



Get yourself The Posture Corrector now, because your health doesn't have a price.




Belly Button/Midsection Measurement :
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 L:  35 – 38″   (88 – 97cm)
XL: 37 – 40″    (95 – 103cm)
XXL:  41 – 47″    (104 – 120cm)