BrowsInShape - Painless Eyebrow Epilator

Brand: Twisted Infinity

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Keep your eyebrows in shape!

Your eyebrows are undeniably one of the most important features of your face. The right brow shape not only frames and flatters your eyes, but it also helps enhance all of your facial features.
We’re talking about that clean, put-together look that everyone wants. It’s a tad impractical to make a quick run to the salon every time your brows need some grooming, luckily we offer you a perfect solution  - meet BrowsInShape - Nr.1 painless eybrow epilator for home use.

BrowsInShape is very sleek in design as it comes in the shape of a pen, making it convenient to carry in the makeup case. It is 13 cm long (5.1 inches) and a width of 2com (0.8 inches).
It has an 18k gold plated head and an inbuilt light. It is hypoallergic and works gently on all skin types. The experience you can expect to have is no pain while using it even on thin skin. Of course, that’s a plus as most eyebrow trimming methods are excruciating to use pulling out every strand of hair.

Electronically all the work is done, you need to direct it in the circular motions to shape the brows effortlessly. It works to remove the stray hair to allow you to apply makeup comfortably. The tip of the trimmer is small and sizeable enabling you to work even on the hair on your upper lips or nose.

BrowsInShape is a winner in every sense of the word. Be sure to check it out; you’ll love what you see, we promise!