Lucid Dream Mask - Sleeping Mask & Lucid Dreams Inducer

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Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever started dreaming and suddenly realized that you were in a dream? Have you ever managed to gain control over your dream narrative? If your answer to these is “yes,” you’ve experienced what is called lucid dreaming.

From the Hindu Upanishads to Aristotle's On Dreams, people have been puzzling out the mysteries of lucid dreaming for centuries. These days, there's more information on Lucid Dreaming, the science behind it, and modes and methods of experiencing it than there ever has been. Yet the idea still remains relatively unknown to the average person.

Why would I want to do it?

Lucid Dreaming can be one of the most profound things you can experience in this life.

Imagine a world where you can conquer your biggest fears, travel to any location on the planet, and live out exciting, unbelievable adventures. Experience all this and more with Twisted Dream - revolutionary sleeping mask that helps you control your dreams.

You can become anyone you want and do everything you want to do.

Interesting facts:

• Einstein himself imagined riding on a light beam that spurred his particular theory of relativity.

• Paul McCartney (from Beatles) composed the entire melody for the hit acoustic song Yesterday in a dream!

• And the last one we will mention – Niels Bohr (the father of quantum mechanics) often mentioned his inspirational dream that led to his discovery of the structure of the atom!

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

  • Lucid dreams help you to overcome fears and phobias
  • Can help with solving significant problems / taking important decisions
  • Practice and improve real-life skills
  • Overcome/stop nightmares
  • Lucid dream sex
  • Lucid dream for emotional healing
  • Connecting to your inner self
  • Helps to discover a personal meaning to life
  • Improve your creativity
  • Having lots of fun, experiencing the impossible
  • Indulge in complete privacy
  • Explore beyond imagination 


Why Our Lucid Dreaming Mask?

Dreams are the most universal and inspiring aspects of the human experience. Modern research has since confirmed that dreams can lead to better moods, reduced stress, enhanced problem solving skills, and increased creativity. Yet, somehow dreaming is still treated as an afterthought when discussing our overall well-being.

We created the Twisted Dream Mask to reintroduce people to the benefits of dreaming. Using gentle, customizable light signals,it not only increases dream recall and vividness,but allows for the possibility of lucid dreaming.


Control Your Dreams.

We didn’t just create the Twisted Dream mask to reintroduce people to the benefits of dreaming, but to allow you the opportunity to control it as well. Using light signals & sensors, the Twisted Dream mask alerts you within the dream you are having, that you are asleep and in a dream; ultimately unlocking the world of lucid dreaming & full dream control…where anything is possible.



Benefits Of Using Our Lucid Dreaming Mask:

RECALL - Your subconscious is excellent at creating detailed images and compelling narrative, but it’s bad at committing these to memory. That’s why, even though we typically dream for two hours each night, we can usually only remember bits and pieces of the dream we were having just before waking up. That’s two hours worth of creative thoughts, insights and adventures that you experienced, but won’t even remember, much less benefit from. The mask’s light signals promote better dream recall by seamlessly introducing tiny gaps of consciousness (that link the dreaming mind), which has trouble creating new memories to a more wakeful state.


CLARITY - These same gaps allow you to carry some of that mindful, waking consciousness with you, as you re-enter your still-in-progress dream. Your mind will be more prepared to notice (and create) new details, and as an added bonus, when your next recall gap occurs, there will be that much more in-depth detail to commit to memory. In this way the two features complement each other well. If dreams are a well-spring of ingenuity, understanding, and new experiences, then we owe it to ourselves to make them as rich and animated as we can, and sharpening the overall level of detail is an excellent way to do so.

When you experience any level of conscious awareness in a dream, you have already started down the path to lucidity. Understanding that you’re dreaming without waking up is exhilarating, entertaining, and beneficial. Simply knowing that you’re inside of a dream is only the beginning; with practice comes greater control. Experienced lucid dreamers have been honing this skill for thousands of years to reap a range of benefits from the recreational (flying, exploring) to the practical (problem solving, brainstorming) to the profound (self actualization). If your goal is lucidity, this mask can help you get there.

We have created the best sleeping mask in the world - JUST for YOU!!!

We've listened closely to customer feedback and improved every aspect of sleeping experience with our Twisted Dream sleeping mask. The flexible circuit is is protected by 2  foam layers- a durable inner layer, lamineted with a cushioning soft foam outer layer. 
The foam inserts are aerated to allow better airflow, reducing heat and sweat. The head strep is lighter and softer, made from strong, durable material and the nose cutout has been raised, so the mask fits perefctly to your face.