Infinity of Ions - Electric Hairbrush

Brand: Twisted Infinity

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Don't worry because we have solution for you!

Let us present you second generation of our top rated electric ionic hairbrush - Infinity of Ions


 Infinity of Ions - because who can resist having sleek and shiny hair every day? 

How does it work?

Did you know that our hair has positive and negative ions? However, activities such as brushing or towel-drying strip your hair of negative ions. When there are only positive ions in the hair, the strands repel each other, resulting in problems such as flyaway, frizz and static.

Our electric hairbrush emits ions into your hair to restore the balance of positive and negative ions and makes your hair shiny, smooth, freez-free and manageable. The negative ions are activated by heat, which is why Infinity of Ions is powered by eletricity.

Benefits of Infinity of Ions:

  • Seals and smoothen split ends. The negative ions bond with hair to close off broken hair cuticles.
  • Makes hair softer and shinier. Ionic hair brush locks in moisture to hair strands. The result is a shiny, soft, and healthy hair.
  • Reduce drying time. Ionic hairbrush is ideal for women who want to have great looking hair on the fly. They dry hair faster by causing water molecules to fall to the shaft much faster.
  • Minimize heat damage. Ionic hair brush speeds up hair drying time, so you’re least likely to end up with burned hair or scalp.
  • Eliminate frizz. Again, ionic hairbrush brings back the lost negative ions to your hair, land so help eliminate frizz and reducing static.

What’s the difference between an ionic hairbrush and a regular Hairbrush?

They are entirely different!  They might look similar but that’s because they are both designed to glide through hair. A regular hairbrush is a manual tool whereas an ionic hairbrush is powered through electricity.  The bristles are different as well.

A regular hairbrush will have nylon, boar or plastic bristles that are flexible, but ionic hairbrushes generally have rigid bristles that are made out of ceramic (or similar material) and heat up. These bristles help to straighten and smooth out hair.